Complete Car Wash Supplies Pty Ltd.

Complete Car Wash Supplies ,CCS  is Sydney based and brings more than 20 years experience into the automotive industry and more than 30 years in manufacturing and chemical handling. we not only specialize in a large variety of detailing and maintenance products catering for all automotive sectors, we also provide the means and share the knowledge to apply them correctly and efficiently.

Complete Car Wash Supplies vast range includes Carpet Cleaners, degreasers, fragrances, glass cleaners, heavy duty cleaners,multi purpose cleaners, paint sealants, polishes & waxes, shampoos, tyre shines, wheel acids, plastic rubber and vinyl dressings, solvent products, laundry & cafe cleaners and workshop supplies. We also stock a large range of accessories including buff pads, blades, chamois, all types of rags, paper products, sponges & wash mits, brushes, clay blocks, bottles, microfibre cloths, mop and broom accessories, vacuum and accessories, pumps and blend centres.

CCS is 100% Australian owned and continually sources Australian suppliers, while endeavouring to use more  biodegradable raw materials and processes where available.

We continue  to provide a reliable product and service to the industry, establishing benchmarks for others to follow.

The results are that we have grown into a large and diverse company and are considered one of Sydney's leading chemical automotive manufacturers.

Complete Car Wash Supplies