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Complete Car Wash Supplies (CCS) have a full range of car wash products and car wash equipment for car washes, dealerships and car detailing professionals across Australia. CCS has more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry and more than 35 years in manufacturing and chemical handling.

CCS is 100% Australian owned and  sources materials from Australian suppliers, while endeavouring to use biodegradable raw materials and processes where available. Our car detailing supplies offering the best prices directly sell from our factory in Sydney.

We have distributors all across the eastern states of Australia. We deliver car detailing products australia wide; whether you are in Sydney, Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania or even a car wash port macquarie, our distributors will provide the best service and support for your needs. We sell top quality brands such as Meguiars, 3m, Auto Gylm, Cartec, Juice, Mothers, Autosol, Presta, Malco, Farécla, Californian Customs, aswell as our own premium ranges of shampoos, fragrances, multi-purpose cleaners, sealants, dressings, tyre glosses, polish and waxes and our industry leading wheel cleaner/degreaser Terminator™ which is acid free and out performs other similar products on the market. You buy car wash products can never be easier with our full range of products and best possible prices.

Here are our popular car care supplies:
Tyre shine applicator
# Kenco degreaser
Farecla g6
3m car care
Farecla gmop
Meguiars car wash

Call us on 1300 722 435
Address: 12 Enterprise Circuit.PRESTONS NSW 2170

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